Elizabeth Olsen offered female lead in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake?

Wow...if she takes this role, she'll not only confirm who the most talented Olsen is, she may become one of the hottest female entities in the biz!

For whatever reason, Twitch has had the inside scoop on Spike Lee's OLDBOY for the past few months. Many starts and stalls in terms of casting have transpired, so we can't be sure how fruitful this next brief will prove to be. Anyhow, word is Olsen (pictured) has been offered the female lead in OLDBOY, a role reportedly turned down by Rooney Mara and Mia Wasikowska.

No word yet if Olsen will accept, as she's still basking in the glow of her breakout performance in last year's MARTH MARCY MAY MARLENE. She also has SILENT HOUSE due next month, not to mention RED LIGHTS, LIBERAL ARTS, and another trio of films she has in pre-production.

Which brings me to scheduling. Olsen may not have enough free space to fit OLDBOY in the middle of her hefty workload, not unless Spike wants to push the film back to accommodate her schedule. There's also the avoidance of being pigeonholed, while she's certainly diversifying, Olsen surely doesn't want to be tagged as just another scream queen does she? Or a mere genre actress anyway. Who knows, my guess is she won't want to pass up the chance to work with Spike. I know I wouldn't.

But what says you? You down with Olsen starring opposite Josh Brolin in OLDBOY? Think she'll take the gig?

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, where the hell has Lizzy been all these years?
Source: Twitch



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