Elle Fanning in talks to star opposite Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

So who's a better actor, Dakota Fanning or her little sister Elle? Dakota caught attention as a precocious player a few years back, but recently, it's all about Elle...having appeared in such varied outings as SUPER 8, SOMEWHERE, TWIXT and WE BOUGHT A ZOO. As you debate below, I'll have you know Elle may have just took on her most difficult role to date, sharing the screen with the immortal Angelina Jolie...

Twitch has it that Elle Fanning has been offered a part in Disney's MALEFICENT, of course starring Angie (below) as the titular ice-queen. Word is Fanning's out to play Princess Aurora, the young beauty sent into a lengthy slumber in the classic tale.

No word if Elle will accept, but if not her, who? Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld seem to be the only viable actresses in that age bracket. The chance for Elle to go toe to toe with Angie seems a no brainer, especially given the Disney paycheck. Hell, I'll play the little girl if Elle passes...

With Robert Stromberg directing: MALEFICENT is a live-action take on Sleeping Beauty, telling the fairy tale from the point of view of the evil witch who threatened to kill the princess.

MALEFICENT will start filming in June.

Extra Tidbit: Considering the casting, shall we cover MALEFICENT here at AITH?
Source: Twitch



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