Emily Blunt joins Tom Cruise & Doug Liman in sci-fi thriller All You Need Is Kill

You think Cruise'll make a good couple with Emily Blunt?!?

Now that Tom Cruise's star-power has rekindled from MI:3, in the next year or two he'll look to keep the flame burning bright with a rock musical and a pair of sci-fi thrillers. One of the latter is Doug Liman's ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, which Cruise confirmed last December. Now that 4 months have elapsed, cue the leading lady!

Variety is reporting that Emily Blunt is in talks to join ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, playing a fellow soldier who fights alongside Cruise's ill-fated character. Remember, the story basically lends a darker take on the GROUNDHOG DAY and SOURCE CODE framing device, where the character is consigned to reliving the same bad (in this case lethal) day over and over.

More thoroughly:

Based on the 2004 Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the story is told from the first person point of view of the protagonist Keiji Kiriya. Keiji is a new recruit in the United Defense Force, fighting against the mysterious creatures called 'Mimics' which have laid siege to Earth. Keiji is killed on his first sortie, but through some inexplicable phenomenon wakes up having returned to the day before the battle, only to find himself caught in a time loop as his death and resurrection repeats time and time again. Keiji's skills as a soldier grows as he passes through the time loops trying to change his fate.

Exec-producer Joby Harold will redraft the script, originally collaborated with Dante Harper. The flick, also known as WE ARE MORTALS, is expected sometime in 2013.

Now that's one smokin' Blunt!

Extra Tidbit: ALL YOU NEED IS KILL or OBLIVION...which Cruise flick has you more pumped?
Source: Variety



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