Emma Thompson joins supernatural love story Beautiful Creatures

The last week has proved mighty busy for Richard LaGrevenese and the team behind his new supernatural love story BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, with the latest move so far being one of the wisest.

Deadline is reporting that two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson (pictured) is currently ironing out a deal to star in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. In the dual role of Mrs. Lincoln - a small town religious zealot, and Sarafine, who is the dark witch who possesses her - Thomson joins Viola Davis, Jack O'Connell and Alice Englert.

Here's the skinny: BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is set in the South about two star-crossed teenage lovers - a local boy, and a mysterious new girl who uncover dark secrets about their families, their history and their town.

I'm down with Emma getting a chance to go ham on dual roles. That shite's always fun...Jeremy Irons in DEAD RINGERS style. I just hope LaGravenese doesn't pander to Twi-hards and actually makes something of substance. Given his writing credentials, that's certainly not a lot to ask for.

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES goes under the lens this April in New Orleans.

Extra Tidbit: Without looking it up, can you name the two flicks in which Emma won Oscars?
Source: Deadline



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