Enclosure w/ Fiona Dourif hits digital download this May in the UK

UPDATE: ENCLOSURE is the film's UK title and this info is on the UK release of the flick. If you live here in the US you can buy the movie - again, titled ARBOR DEMON here in the US - right HERE.


Okay, so the movie ENCLOSURE was first named - stick with me here - ENCLOSURE. The flick was then retitled ARBOR DEMON. Now, the film is going back to its original title, ENCLOSURE.

Which is better than ARBOR DEMON. Not much better. But better.

Not that it matters much anyhow, the real draw to this flick is Fiona Dourif, who - thank God - despite all the title flip-flopping, has remained the star of the film.

Also, Jake Busey is in the movie. That's a plus. I guess... But, again, whatever Busey you have in your flick, and whatever title said flick goes by, if you have Fiona Dourif as your leading lady, I'm there.

Anyway, today we have word that, yes, the title has changed back to ENCLOSURE, but also that the film will be available on Digital Download May 8th. 

ENCLOSURE synopsis:

Adventurous married couple Dana (Fiona Dourif) and Charles (Kevin Ryan) plan a trip into the wilderness before settling down for good to family life. However, on the first night, they hear fellow campers being viciously attacked by a mysterious beast not far from their tent. Unable to escape, but desperate to help, they pull to safety an injured stranger who tells them about a creature that stalks and haunts the woods causing the disappearance of hikers and hunters. For an unknown reason, the beast that lurks in the trees will not attack the couple's tent so they are trapped inside the claustrophobic prison until their escape.Cabin fever though soon sets in and the couple and the stranger become desperate for freedom. The question however is; how much will they sacrifice to get it?

ENCLOSURE is available to pre-order now on the following platforms: Amazon Video, GooglePlay, Xbox Video Store, Sony. If you're an iTunes user, you can pre-order the flick RIGHT HERE.

ENCLOSURE is directed by Patrick Rea, written by Patrick Rea and Michelle Davidson, and stars Fiona Dourif, Jake Busey, Rob Bouton, Michelle Mills, and Kevin Ryan.

ENCLOSURE hits digital download May 8th

Extra Tidbit: Which title do you prefer: ARBOR DEMON or ENCLOSURE?



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