English actor Mark Strong joins Nicole Kidman in psychological thriller Before I Go To Sleep

Props to Nicole Kidman. After the abominable TRESPASS, it looks like the Oscar winner is putting a string of back-to-form projects together...

One such flick is BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, Rowan Jaffe's psychological thriller based on S.J. Watson's bestseller. As the Millennium Films flick hit AFM today, it was announced that English actor Mark Strong (ZERO DARK THIRTY, seen right) has been cast opposite Kidman in the flick.

Story follows a north London woman (Kidman) who wakes up every morning remembering nothing. Her husband tells her she suffered a trauma, and that she dare not leave home. She sneaks off to a doctor (Strong) who gives her a small digital recorder and urges her to play back her thoughts day after day in hopes of re-integrating her mind. She does and it works, and that's when she comes to realize that the man sleeping next to her isn't her husband.

Trippy setup, can't hate on that. And with Strong onboard, a dude with over 70 credits dating back to 1989-1990, Kidman should have a good sparring partner. What do you think?

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP goes under the lens early next year in London.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Kidman performance?
Source: Variety



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