Entertainment One pacts with Room 101 for series of micro-budget genre films

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY producer Steven Schneider and THE GREY producer Adi Shankar - who together represent the production company Room 101 - are merging with Entertainment One to usher in a number of micro-budget genre films over the next four years. Movies like P.A., INSIDIOUS and THE DEVIL INSIDE will be used as economic templates.

From an official presser:

Under the terms of the deal, ROOM 101 will deliver on average two premium micro-budget genre titles annually to eOne. The projects will be high-concept and filmmaker-driven, and will encompass both acquisitions and original productions. eOne will finance, co-produce, and distribute globally, with the exception of the United States where distribution will be handled on a per-project basis.

Here's how Shankar describes the endeavor:

“The goal is for ROOM 101 to become a haven for talented, genre-oriented filmmakers. Here they’ll be provided the opportunity to craft innovative, visceral, and commercially viable projects. Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and The Devil Inside each caused tectonic shifts in the micro-budget film landscape. Going forward, ROOM 101 is committed to evolving the micro-budget space even further.”

Sounds pretty cool to me. I mean, aside from trying to squeeze the biggest buck possible, I like the idea of giving young, hungry, up and comers a chance to prove their shite. With such low overhead comes the chance to take risks...hopefully that's a sentiment Schneider and Shankar share. That's what we all want and need...original, risky, unsafe material.

INSIDIOUS star Rose Byrne

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