EVIL DEAD 4's Award Pictures also planned a Big Trouble In Little China sequel

Apparently Award Pictures, the production company behind the recently blocked-by-Sam-Raimi sequel EVIL DEAD 4: CONSEQUENCES, also planned a follow-up to John Carpenter’s BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.

Yes, Award Pictures’ MORE TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA treatment “had Jack Burton returning to stop Lo Pan, who had returned after learning the mysteries of death.” It was budgeted at a jaw dropping $75 million. The sequel, of course, never made it to the big screen as 20th Century Fox's lawyers likely stepped in to shut it down.

More information on their attempt at EVIL DEAD 4 has also surfaced in the form of a logline. Behold, the worst idea for an EVIL DEAD film ever conceived: "EVIL DEAD IV: CONSEQUENCES: Horror, 136 mins. Prod co: Award Pictures. Prod/scr: Graham MacCrae, Glenn MacCrae. Budget: $71m. Pre-production. Delivery date: 2004. Ash may need a hand fighting deadites, demons, the FBI and reality TV" More than anything else, this news tells us Award Pictures thinks all horror film sequel budgets come in at a little under $100 million.

Seriously, though, these MacCrae guys were clearly insane to pull such stunts and I’m glad their efforts to cash in on franchises they don’t own has been stopped. Though most of us are still against an EVIL DEAD remake, it does at least have Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell’s stamp of approval. Also, its plot doesn’t involve reality TV. On a sexier note, see below for BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA star Kim Cattrall in all of cougar-y glory.

Extra Tidbit: BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA almost got a sequel in the form of a television"Movie of the Week". The script can easily be found online.
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