Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Sarah Gadon talks Dracula Untold!

Dracula Untold Sarah Gadon Interview exclusive Luke Evans Gary Shore

Actress Sarah Gadon is, as she says in the below interview, predisposed to certain kinds of horror. Having worked with David Cronenberg several times (A DANGEROUS METHOD, COSMOPOLIS, MAPS TO THE STARS), as well as appeared in such notable oddities as THE MOTH DIARIES, ANTIVIRAL and ENEMY, the Canadian has seen her fair share of bizarre things. In DRACULA UNTOLD, she plays Mirena, the wife of Vlad the Impaler - of course the man who eventually becomes Dracula. Gadon has been a part of some strange scenes before, but being the wife of fiction's most infamous fanged killer is something else entirely.

Though she's been in plenty of films before this, DRACULA UNTOLD is Sarah's biggest movie to date. Charming, beautiful and intelligent, there's no doubt she's ready to make her claim on the world. In the below interview, we talk about the appeal of the project, whether or not she actually enjoys horror movies, the scrutiny this project will come under, and whether or not we'll be seeing "The Bride of Dracula" in the near future.

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