Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Aftershock Director Nicolás López

Nicolás López is one of the most extremely likable guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet. With the upcoming release of his latest horror flick AFTERSHOCK, the director was energetic and happily a huge fan of AITH. From his earlier work including QUE PENA TU VIDA, QUE PENA TU BODA and QUE PENA TU FAMILIA, the Chilean director is very familiar with comedy. Add to that mix Eli Roth and you’ve got one gleefully messed up disaster movie that doesn’t shy away from the red stuff.

When I sat down with Nicolás at the iconic Magic Castle in Hollywood, we discussed his latest feature. He shared a fascinating and terrifying story of living through the earthquake that shook Chile back in 2010 and how it helped inspire his latest horror feature. With a ton of comedy and a heaping helping of gore fans of the disaster genre should look forward to AFTERSHOCK, which hits theatres this Friday!

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