Exclusive: 5 Questions for Paranormal Lockdown Host Nick Groff!

We here at AITH are big fans of a little show called Paranormal Lockdown. The series takes the concept of a typical ghost hunting show and turns it into something original, spooky and thrilling. It also adds a healthly dose of levity to keep things engaging courtesy of the hosts' infectious chemistry. This is one of the many reasons the series works so well. Co-hosts Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman are terrific together - as well as the welcome addition of cameraman Rob Saffi. Considering the two spend at least 72 hours in one scary location after another, it is truly a compelling watch. It makes me want to go explore a few scary places myself.

With a new season about to premiere, Nick and Katrina have been very busy spending quality time in a few notorious places. And thankfully, while just finishing up one of the brand new episodes, Mr. Groff was able to answer five questions about Paranormal Lockdown and the upcoming season. He spoke about the series premiering on TLC - yes folks, if you don't have Destination America on your cable package, you most likely get TLC. As well, Nick gave a few examples of how the series has been shaped from the previous season.

If you haven't already discovered it, make sure you tune in the two hour premiere this very evening, Friday, December 16th at 9pm EST. Paranormal Lockdown is a unique and fascinating hour with an in-depth look into some of the scariest haunted locations in the world. And of course, a huge thank you to our man Nick. Watch this show, you won’t be disappointed!

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What are three moments from last season that helped shape your approach to the second season? 

[There was] the unexplainable creeper at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. We documented it on our custom camera configuration, which allows us to shoot in 6k resolution, wide dynamic range in both the visible and infrared spectrums. This new technology helped advance our research forward in the paranormal field to discover new evidence.

[Then] at the Hinsdale house and Anderson Hotel we learned how gritty and draining these locations can be, while we live in them for 72 hours. It's very challenging. 

[And in] season 1 of Paranormal Lockdown we learned we needed a bigger arsenal of new devices for season 2.

You will now be premiering on TLC, do you feel any pressure to take the series to another level?

I'm extremely happy to be airing Season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown on TLC because now more people can watch. There's always pressure, but we have a passion for what we do and continue to push ourselves in each investigation to document amazing footage.

Is there a recent location that has had an unexpected impact on you?

Yes, in the Paranormal Lockdown season 2 premiere episode we document incredible evidence that lead us to discover skeletal remains in the foundation of the Monroe House in Indiana. It felt like a real horror movie unfolding in front of our eyes. 

aith arrow in the head destination america ghost hauntings katrina weidman nick groff paranormal lockdown tlc

In trying to find answers to what happens after death, how often do you find more questions than answers to the mystery?

We constantly capture new evidence that makes us question what happens when we die. Some voices that have communicated intelligently back have lead us in so many different directions. We have so many questions still to learn about the afterlife.

What is the one or more location(s) that you look forward to sharing with your fans?

All of season 2 episodes of Paranormal Lockdown. Each new location is unique and different. Our investigations have been extremely intense this season and the evidence has been incredible.

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