Exclusive: A tense clip from Hitchcockian thriller Elevator

Stig Svendsen's latest film ELEVATOR has at least a couple of things going for it. A stellar cast, an intriguing premise and - if our EXCLUSIVE CLIP is to be believed - a literal crap-ton of tension. The movie rides onto DVD on August 21st and you can preorder it right HERE. In the meantime, check out the clip below. Not for the claustrophobic.

In this Hitchcock-esque, white-knuckle thriller, nine strangers are stuck in an elevator on the 49th floor of an upscale Manhattan high-rise … and one of them has a ticking bomb! But who … and why? The rising star TV news reporter … building security guard … or soon-to-retire millionaire CEO with his granddaughter? The bond trader … struggling comedian … pregnant office worker and her successful boyfriend …or the elderly widow? With no escape, each will do anything to survive. Desperation and panic grow as help fails to arrive and people slowly unmask – revealing racial tension, financial scandal, scorned lovers and revenge – with an unthinkable horror becoming the only solution!

ELEVATOR stars John Getz, Joey Slotnick, Anita Briem, Shirley Knight, Waleed Zuaiter, Devin Ratray, Tehmina Sunny and Amanda and Rachel Pace.



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