Exclusive: Clip from Kerry Bellessa's Amber Alert!

Do you enjoy the found footage style currently trending our beloved horror genre? Do you ever find yourself getting sick of the niche's typically supernatural subject matter? Then AMBER ALERT may be the POV horror flick you need. Wouldn't you know it, we have an exclusive clip from the film to prove it.

The premise is simple-- two best friends pursue a car on the titular alert to rescue what could be a kidnapped child. It's compelling, it's high-stakes, and it seems to take the road-chase movie we've seen a million times before (JOY RIDE, DUEL) and do something very new and different with it. Don't believe me? Watch the white-knuckle clip below. 

The film, directed by Kerry Bellessa, stars Summer Bellessa, Chris Hill and Jasen Wade. Check out the video along with an official synopsis. The film is now available nationwide on-demand and it will open in limited theatrical release on November 2.

The thriller follows two best friends who notice several AMBER Alert signs. Soon, they recognize the car driving in front of them as the car on the Alert. They follow the car and, with the police slow to respond, their pursuit quickly turns into a high‐ stakes game of cat and mouse.

Extra Tidbit: AMBER ALERT star Summer Bellessa (above) is also a well-known fashion model and the founder of Eliza Magazine.



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