Exclusive Bad Kids of Crestview Academy redband trailer is even more bonkers

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy Sean Astin

BAD KIDS OF CRESTVIEW ACADEMY, the sequel to the crazy 2012 BREAKFAST CLUB slasher BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, has a brand new exclusive red band trailer and it looks even more bonkers than the first. The trailer springs in so many different directions, it looks overstuffed with madness, the perfect B-movie for hard-up fans of cult cinema. Check it out below!

Written by Barry Wernick and GO TO HELL executive producer James R. Hallam, CRESTVIEW ACADEMY is: 

Based on the best-selling graphic novel series, a group of spoiled “bad kids” have been placed in Saturday detention at the prestigious Crestview Academy. After one of the kids locks away their teacher, they find themselves trapped in school with no way out, wondering who (or what) set them up. Their ranks quickly dwindle as each falls victim to a gruesome “accident” while trying to escape.

The cast includes Sean Astin, Drake Bell, Gina Gershon, Sammi Hanratty, and director Ben Browder (reprising his role from the original film).

The film is set to be released in select theatres and on VOD on Friday, January 13, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Did you see BAD KIDS GO TO HELL?



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