Exclusive: Beware the Big Slimy Wolf on the poster for Lycanimator

Lycanimator Sebastien Godin Joel D. Wynkoop

Filmmaker Sébastien Godin is making his feature directorial debut with a monster movie that has what I consider to be an absolutely brilliant title: LYCANIMATOR. It's a clever mash-up word that instantly lets you know exactly what the movie is about - a werewolf and a mad scientist.

A throwback to the glory days of late '80s and early '90s splatter flicks, LYCANIMATOR follows 

a group of friends who go to an abandoned house for a weekend away only to come across a mad scientist with some monster-making goo. When some of that goo turns one of the group into a hungry, lustful beast – well let’s just say it spells trouble.

Godin wrote the screenplay, based on an idea he crafted with producer Dustin Hubbard. The film stars Cayt Fenics, Briana Wyman, Kii Hornick, Toby Johansen, Matthew Scott Kimple, and the legendary Joel D. Wynkoop.

As LYCANIMATOR makes its way through post-production, a trailer has been released online and can be seen below. Along with the trailer, we proudly present the EXCLUSIVE unveiling of the film's new poster, which boasts some really cool artwork by Stefan Motmans.

While we wait to hear a release date for LYCANIMATOR, you can buy the film's novelization by Indy McDaniel right now on Amazon.

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