Exclusive bloody clip from cannibal horror film K-Shop

K-Shop Dan Pringle Darren Morfitt

The cannibal horror/comedy K-SHOP first caught our attention last year, when it was about to be released in the UK. If you've been waiting to hear when K-SHOP is going to make its way to North America, we have some very good, EXCLUSIVE news to share with you today.

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired the North American distribution rights to K-SHOP and will be giving the film a DVD and digital release on December 12th. As of that date, the movie will be available through iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, and Vudu, as well as local cable and satellite providers.

The feature debut of writer/director Dan Pringle, the film has the following synopsis: 

After his father is killed in an altercation with drunken thugs, Salah's world is plunged into darkness. Forced into running the family kebab shop alone, Salah struggles to manage the increasingly rowdy nightlife. When a fight with an angry customer goes fatally wrong, he finds himself with a dead body on his hands. Having no faith in the authorities, Salah disposes of the body in the one place he knows best: the kebabs. As the shop's gullible customers devour the new recipe, Salah develops a taste for the kill and seizes the opportunity to turn vigilante, seeking vengeance for the abusive drunkards plaguing the streets. 

Ziad Abaza, Reece Noi, Darren Morfitt, Ewen MacIntosh, Scott Williams, Kristin Atherton, Chris Wright, Harry Reid, and Sean Cernow star.

An exclusive clip from K-SHOP can be seen below. Check it out, and start getting prepared for the December release.

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