Exclusive clip and images from Final Girl starring Abigail Breslin


Last week we brought you the first clip from the revenge-thriller FINAL GIRL, starring Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley. Today, we're happy to pass along an exclusive clip to call our own, as well as a couple of behind-the-scenes images shot by director Tyler Shields; all can be seen below.

In said clip, Bentley delivers a stirring speech about the freedom of will to his pupil Breslin before giving her a fairly rough throat-hug. Talk about a demanding teacher!

In select theaters and VOD August 14th, FINAL GIRL follows...

a group of charismatic yet sadistic boys who every night, trick a young, blonde girl into meeting them for a date with the intention to hunt and kill her. However, their horrifying ritual takes a turn when they select the beautiful Veronica (Breslin) as their next victim. When the hunt begins, the boys soon realize they messed with the wrong girl.

Keep your eyes peeled for our review of FINAL GIRL next week!



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