Exclusive Clip: Blood flows in Vigilante Diaries! Plus red-band trailer & more!

We have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from CHRISTIAN SESMA's violent and video game/Punisher-esque inspired Internet series VIGILANTE DIARIES (now airing on CHILL.COM) which stars JASON MEWES, JESSICA UBERUAGA and the great PAUL SLOAN (who also wrote the first two episodes). Check out the wam-bam clip below and scroll down further to clock the RED BAND TRAILER and a MUSIC VIDEO for the series. 

What's the dealio with VIGILANTE DIARIES, here's the 411:

Vigilante Diaries" is an original video series debuting exclusively on Chill.com. The show stars Jason Mewes as Michael Hanover, the poster boy for the best and worst of LA. Raised in mansions and hotels, Mike is the sole heir to Hanover Enterprises and he could party 24/7 until his old man kicks it. But Mike's true passion lies in filmmaking and he seizes his opportunity to make it big the day he starts filming a documentary alongside a real-life vigilante crime fighter loose in LA.

The show was filmed as a mockumentary-style first-person thriller that lets viewers ride shotgun with Jason in a dark and gritty world. Its visual approach is deeply inspired by both video games and graphic novels, what with its tight action shots, over-the-top violence, frequent comedic breaks and lots of guns, gadgets and girls. Jason is a gamer in real life, and the show draws heavily from first-person shooter games, providing unique camera angles from a number of characters each episode.

The first two episodes are now live (you can watch them for for 5 bucks a pop), and the cast and crew are lined up to create an entire first season if enough peeps suport the show. Check it at CHILL.COM.



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