EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Trouble's brewing in Elise Robertson's Donner Pass

We've got ourselves an exclusive clip from the Elise Robertson-directed horror show DONNER PASS, which is going to be available to the public starting tomorrow. The flick, which gives us a hapless group of teens falling prey to the ghostly remnants of a notoriously horrific incident in American history, looks like a good time indeed; check out the creepy scene below to see a sample of what awaits.

The synopsis: DONNER PASS tells the story of settlers in 1846 that became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and had to resort to cannibalism to survive. Some 150 years later, a group of teens on a snowboard trip discover that the curse of the Donner Party still haunts those mountains when members of their group start turning up not only dead, but half-eaten. Nothing - and no one - is what it seems in this provocative dark thriller. And history doesn't always stay in the past.

DONNER PASS, starring Desiree Hall, Erik Stocklin, Colley Bailey Grant, and John Kassir, comes out on JANUARY 17th. Pre-order it right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Are you going to give DONNER PASS a shot?
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