Exclusive clip from Paranormal Asylum, on DVD today

Paranormal fanatics get ready for a real treat as a terrifying new film based on the tragic true-life story of Typhoid Mary infused with a supernatural theme hits DVD today. I'm talking about PARANORMAL ASYLUM, a creepy looking flick from director Nimrod Zalmanowitz, and we've got an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the flick for you to check out below.

Mary Malone (aka Typhoid Mary) was committed to a New York insane asylum to live in solitary after being blamed for spreading Typhoid Fever in the early 20th Century. After decades in isolation she died alone on North Brother Island. Now, nearly 100 years later, two best friends and aspiring filmmakers are setting out to find out what really happened. What starts as a simple investigation turns into a battle for survival, as they discover Mary may be dead, but she’s certainly not gone.

PARANORMAL ASYLUM stars Aaron Mathias, Nathan Spiteri, Laura Gilreath, Tym Moss, Paul Bright, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Grace Evans and Boomer Tibbs. You can order the film on DVD HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out PARANORMAL ASYLUM now that it's on DVD?



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