Exclusive clip from Sick for Toys prepares for a dinner guest

Sick for Toys David Del Rio

Director David Del Rio's Christmas horror-thriller SICK FOR TOYS, which was produced by our own James "JimmyO" Oster, introduces the viewer to a very twisted brother and sister duo named Edward and Emilia, played by Jon Paul Burkhart and Camille Montgomery. SICK FOR TOYS is now available on VOD, but if you'd like to spend a little time with Edward and Emilia before checking out the full movie we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from the film that allows you to do just that.

In the clip embedded below, Emilia notifies her brother that she has invited a guest to dinner... And you would definitely never want to be a guest who is spoken about in the way these siblings discuss their soon-to-arrive guest.

Written by Justin Xavier from a story by JimmyO, SICK FOR TOYS has the following synopsis: 

Every year for Christmas, Emilia gets the same gift from her brother Edward. This year when she wants something more, the siblings will discover that even your favorite toys always tend to break. Sick For Toys is a nightmarish family holiday thriller, one that will twist and turn itself under your skin until its disturbingly creepy final act.

Xavier produced the film as well, with Burkhart and David Gunning serving as executive producers. SICK FOR TOYS is presented by Nine Ten Films and Delco-Cut Productions.

Xavier and Gunning are also in the film with Burkhart and Montgomery. Their co-stars include Melanie Thompson, Katie Wallace, Levi Ashlyn, Morgana Shaw, and HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT's Pinhead Paul T. Taylor.

Give the clip below a look, then seek out SICK FOR TOYS on Digital and VOD.

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