Exclusive clip from slasher The Row puts a sorority girl in peril

The Row Matty Beckerman

Director Matty Beckerman's THE ROW, a film that carries on the grand tradition of slashers set in the world of sororities, is set to reach select theatres and VOD tomorrow, July 27th, courtesy of Lionsgate. In anticipation of the release, today we have an EXCLUSIVE clip to share from the film... and its 90 seconds offer a preview of exactly what you'd hope to see in a sorority slasher: blood and a sorority girl being pursued by a mysterious killer.

Written by Sarah Scougal, THE ROW has the following synopsis: 

With a serial killer preying upon girls on campus, Riley, an incoming freshman, finds herself entangled in a sinister plot involving a dark secret at the sorority that she pledged, while her father, Cole – the detective investigating the case – must uncover the identity of the killer before it’s too late... and Riley becomes the next victim.

Lala Kent, Dylan Sprayberry, and Randy Couture star.

Check out the clip below (and after it ends, stick around for the trailer). If you're a sucker for slashers like I am, it will be enough to fully convince you that THE ROW is a movie you'll need to check out as soon as possible. 

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching THE ROW?



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