Exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Paranormal Witness - The Lynchwood Secret

Everyone loves a creepy ghost story...especially when it's based on an actual haunting! That's just one reason why we'll be tuning into SyFy's "Paranormal Witness" tonight as the show tells the terrifyingly true story of 'The Lynchwood Secret'. But there's another reason we'll be tuning in for this particular episode - it was helmed by DEAD WOOD director Sebastian Smith. Good move, SyFy! Who better to direct an episode of "Paranormal Witness" than a guy who knows his horror?

Today we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from tonight's Smith-directed episode to share with you below. It airs at 9pm/eastern on SyFy so be sure to tune in!

'The Lynchville Secret' tells the story of a single mom whose dream of building a new life for her two daughters is torn apart by the presence of terrifying ghosts of the lawless Wild West, and a terrible secret that has lain concealed for over a hundred years.

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