Exclusive clip: Lou Diamond Phillips gets some unearthly visitors in Sanitarium

Lou Diamond Phillips finds himself in some serious peril in this exclusive clip from the upcoming anthology release SANITARIUM, which is coming at us from Image Entertainment. Must be visitors from beyond who are knocking at his door, yeah?

The film also star Malcolm McDowell, Robert England and Lacey Chabert - not a bad line-up! Here's the synopsis:

Abandon everything you’ve ever believed about that brittle concept we call “reality” and prepare to enter a macabre netherworld of shadows, fiends and phantoms - a twisted realm of waking nightmares and warped minds, locked away in unrelenting torment. Welcome to the Sanitarium. Behind these walls, sinister Dr. Stenson (Malcolm McDowell) holds dominion over the inmates of a most unusual asylum. Horror legend Robert Englund also stars with John Glover, Lacey Chabert and Lou Diamond Phillips in three chilling tales of unspeakable terror that will drive you over the edge of reason – and beyond!

SANITARIUM comes out on DVD and digital download December 31st; pre-order it right HERE.

Lacey Chabert



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