Exclusive: Hocus Pocus: A Retrospective

HOCUS POCUS was never one of those movies for me growing up, so I didn't realize it had such a fervent following until many years later. Some folks my age (undisclosed) talk about it with a nostalgic fondness usually reserved for bona fide classics like GREMLINS or POLTERGEIST. I'll level with you, I haven't seen a single scene from it in at least 15 years - probably more - so either I'll have to take their word for it or revisit it soon.

One such fan of the film is our own Killer Guide to Horror guru Nick Young, who has created a retrospective video for the 1993 film. This catches us up pretty well on the bonkers story of the Sanderson sisters, their talking cat and the cursed town they torment. Actually, when you see it laid out this way, you recognize HOCUS POCUS has some pretty dark, weird shit in it!  

Happy Halloween, kids!


Extra Tidbit: One of HOCUS POCUS' writers was Mick Garris (The Stand, The Shining).



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