Exclusive images from Empire of the Sharks, on Syfy this weekend

Empire of the Sharks Mark Atkins

Last year, we were provided with some exclusive images from director Mark Atkins' Syfy premiere PLANET OF THE SHARKS, which was set in a WATERWORLD-esque future. This year, Atkins has returned to the universe of that film with the standalone prequel EMPIRE OF THE SHARKS, and we have a batch of EXCLUSIVE images from EMPIRE that offer a preview of the film before it makes its debut on Syfy this weekend.

Set a few years before the events of PLANET, "same world, different water", EMPIRE was shot in South Africa with much of the same crew Atkins worked with on PLANET. The prequel has the following synopsis: 

On a future earth where 98% of the surface is underwater, a warlord rules with an army of sharks.  When the daughter of a mysterious shark caller is captured by the warlord, her friends team up with a band of outlaws to set her free.  But for their rescue mission to succeed, the captive shark caller must marshal a supernatural ability and join her friends in battle, if they are to defeat the warlord and free her people from the Empire of the Sharks.

The new cast includes John Savage, Ashley de Lange, Thandi Sebe, Camilla Waldman, Leandie du Randt, Tauriq Jenkins, Tapiwa Musvosvi, and Quentin Chong, with PLANET cast members Brandon Auret and Daniel Barnett making cameos to help tie the two films together.

Syfy will be showing EMPIRE OF THE SHARKS tomorrow, August 5th, at 8/7c. For an early look at some of the sharks and people that inhabit this EMPIRE, check out the pictures below:

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