Exclusive Interview: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost talk The World's End!

The geek world at large does not need to be introduced to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Since "Spaced" debuted in 1999, these guys have been like projections of our nerdiest selves, rattling off ingenious movie references at hyper speed and engaging in elaborate action sequences during thoughtful, exciting films designed to both honor and needle our favorite genres.

So it was with great pleasure that I sat down with the two lovely blokes to discuss their new movie, THE WORLD'S END, in which they star as two former friends who engage in an epic pub crawl in their old town, which just happens to be the site of an alien-robot invasion. Here we discuss the evolution of their collaboration with director Edgar Wright, tackling the film's dramatic sequences, and their ascension to geek god status, among other things. (You also don't want to miss the Bill Paxton impersonations.)

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