Exclusive Interview:David Koechner & Michael Dougherty talk Krampus!

Now that your Halloween hangover has subsided (god willing) you can start looking forward to the holidays. Yeah, I know, but there's no escaping it. Lucky for us horror fans, the beginning of the yuletide season doesn't mean all horror is in the rearview, because in December Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures will be bringing KRAMPUS to town. The Christmas-themed thriller is director Michael Dougherty's long awaited followup to TRICK 'R TREAT and it's looking like it's a similarly demented combination of buoyant dark comedy and creepy frightfest.

Last week we debuted our standup interview with Dougherty himself, but that's not all we're stuffing in your stocking. Today we have a nice, lengthy chat with Dougherty and one of the film's stars, David Koechner, who you no doubt remember from the ANCHORMAN films, CHEAP THRILLS and this past weekend's SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. The talk (which took place at Pittsburgh's ScareHouse haunted house) covers everything from the origins of the idea to David's casting to just how close the movie's family is to Michael's own. And that's just the tip of the candy cane!


Extra Tidbit: KRAMPUS opens December 4th.

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