Exclusive: Jessica Chastain talks Mama 2 possibilities

The Guillermo del Toro-produced MAMA may have received more mixed reviews than PACIFIC RIM, but it made a tidy profit and talks of a sequel have been stirring for some time now. Our intrepid reporter Eric Walkuski had a chance to MAMA star Jessica Chastain about the possibility of a sequel at the CRIMSON PEAK press junket:

Q: There was talk of a MAMA sequel, did you and Guillermo ever discuss that?  

Jessica: Yeah, you know I heard Guillermo say once he didn't think it could be a sequel. I think it could be, I'd be open for it. But it would have to be the right sequel, because the first film was so incredible and I loved the ending, it really stays true to the story. It would kind of have to be the same thing for the sequel. 

Q: So it is a character you'd like to revisit?

Jessica: Yeah, Annabelle was fun! I'd like to see what she's like a few years after that. I think her hairstyle probably would change, but it would still be black! 

You heard it here first, folks. Jessica Chastain wants her pixie cut gone as much as we all do! Although nothing has been put into motion quite yet, Chastain's interest could certainly put fuel on the fire. MAMA 2 could be a really interesting exploration of the surviving characters of the first film dealing with their loss and facing the temptations of butterfly oblivion as Mama haunts them once more.

The fairy tale-esque horror of MAMA certainly deserves another shot. One can only hope that del Toro himself signs up for the ride, considering that he needs a bit of a profit boost for Hollywood to consider fundng some of his incredibly enticing passion projects.

As always, we'll pass along all the news on MAMA 2 if it develops, but in the meantime, you can catch Jessica Chastain in del Toro's classical haunted house frightener CRIMSON PEAK on October 16th.

Extra Tidbit: What hairstyle would you want to see Jessica Chastain wear in MAMA 2?



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