Exclusive: Michael Berryman joins Apocalypse Kiss

I gotta admit, this one snuck up on me a bit. Not so much the casting, but the film itself-- I had no idea  APOCALYPSE KISS was headed our way. After doing some research, I gotta say it looks like one most ambitious sci-fi films to come off the indie circuit for sometime. Not only that but the film has apparently been attracting genre actors like crazy and has just signed the legendary Michael Berryman to a main role.

Berryman will be playing "David Horn", CEO of a mega-conglomerate in the horrific future world of APOCALYPSE KISS. Based on the brutish roles he's played in the past, Berryman isn't exactly pulled from evil CEO central casting. Choosing Berryman for the role is a unique, against-the-grain decision befitting a high concept film like APOCALYPSE KISS. Keep in mind Berryman's character is only one aspect of the film's ambitious premise, which sees a nomadic duo,  who kill to survive, run afoul of an OCD serial killer in a world that is on the verge of societal collapse.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES actor joins star D.C. Douglas, Tom Detrik, Carmela Hayslett, Tammy Jean, Lloyd Kaufman and Erika Lynn for APOCALYPSE KISS. Christian Jude Grillo will be performing double duties as writer and director. Shooting is supposed to begin sometime in the first quarter of next year, so keep an eye out for further casting updates. And, while you're at it, check out the film's promotional trailer below.

Extra Tidbit: APOCALYPSE KISS star Tammy Jean (pictured above) is a former Playboy model, if you couldn't tell just by looking at her...



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