Exclusive: Never-before-seen storyboards from Eric Red's Bad Moon!

Hungry for a sweet piece of candy to nibble on?! In advance of Halloween we have a pretty neat exclusive to share that comes directly from our friend Eric Red (THE HITCHER, NEAR DARK, BODY PARTS). The writer-director was kind enough to gift us with some never-before-seen storyboards from his werewolf cult classic BAD MOON, which came out almost 19 years ago this weekend! (It was released November 1, 1996.)

I'll let Mr. Red set up what you're about to see:

The highlight of my movie BAD MOON is the climactic dog werewolf fight involving a battle-to-the death between the family German shepherd and the wolf man the uncle has become. It was a unique action sequence unlike anything that had been filmed before because of its integration of animal action and creature effects. This complicated set piece had to be coordinated with live animals, special makeup effects, animatronics, dog dummies, pyro, and other physical effects, so it had to be storyboarded with intricate precision. Here’s the storyboards for the dog werewolf fight. As you can see, the final sequence was pretty close to how it was pre-viz’d!" 

If you haven't seen BAD MOON - or haven't seen it in a while - you can watch it right now HERE. Obviously, the boards include SPOILERS so be warned!












Extra Tidbit: Pretty damn cool, eh? Are you a fan of BAD MOON?



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