Exclusive peek at the making of Daniel Stamm's 13 Sins, starring Ron Perlman

One film I really got a kick out of recently is 13 SINS, a twisted and gruesome little thriller directed by THE LAST EXORCISM's Daniel Stamm that stars Ron Perlman, Mark Webber, Rutina Wesley, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Tom Bower and Devon Graye. Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing the film on DVD & Blu-ray on June 17th, and we've got an EXCLUSIVE clip from the "Making Of Featurette" on the DVD/Blu-ray extras to share with you today in anticipation of the films release.

This EXCLUSIVE clip features Stamm, Perlman, Webber, Wesley, and others talking about their excitement to bring 13 SINS to the screen and offers some behind-the-scenes peeks at the production.

I had a lot of fun with 13 SINS and I imagine that a lot of you will, too. You can pre-order it on Blu-ray HERE or scoop it up on DVD HERE.

The story follows an indebted man who gets a mysterious phone call telling him he’s on a hidden camera game show while also offering him a fortune if he completes thirteen tasks. The man accepts the challenge but is soon over his head as each task is more horrifying than the last.

Extra Tidbit: 13 SINS was originally titled ANGRY LITTLE GODS and is a remake of the Thai film 13: GAME OF DEATH.



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