Exclusive! Peter Berg wants IN on a Shocker remake with Wes Craven!

While covering a LONE SURVIVOR event for our evil stepfather site JoBlo.com, I got the chance to talk to director and all around class act PETER BERG who of course broke into the business by way of WES CRAVEN's SHOCKER in 1989. I couldn't resist asking him about the film, which is dear to me, and here's what he had to say.

I am paraphrasing here being that I don't have the video of the back and forth with the exact quote just yet.

I asked him if he looked back at the film fondly. He said "That yes he did and that he was grateful to Wes Craven for giving him a chance." He did express that the "special effects were lousy being that technology wasn't up to par back then". Before I could him my next question, which was "Would you be interested in a remake" he beat me to the punch and said that "I'd love to remake it". So I said "You'd direct it?" he said "No, Wes would direct it, I'd star in it".

So there ya have it peeps! Berg is all in and obvioulsy wanted me to put it out there! LONE SURVIVOR did well for Universal, they also own the rights to Shocker... it's a no brainer! You hear that Craven and Universal? Get cracking!

I for one always wanted a SHOCKER sequel. I love Horace Pinker and if the only way I'll get more of him is via a reboot, I am all for it at this point! Cue in the Paul Stanley SHOCKER SONG!

Extra Tidbit: Would you be down with a Shocker reboot with Berg and Craven involved?



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