Exclusive: Preview two songs from Slashed! The Musical

Slashed the musical

If you think there's an unfortunate dearth in horror-themed musicals on the stage lately, you're very much on point. Every now and then a handful of fortunates will get to see RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL or EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL, but those come few and far between. (I keep thinking FINAL GIRLS would be a pretty decent choice for a singin' and dancin' adaptation.)

Original horror musicals are rarer still, but a brand new option will present itself to anyone lucky enough to be in L.A. at the beginning of June during the Hollywood Fringe Festival, which celebrates freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community. SLASHED! THE MUSICAL is an ode to early 80s slashers set to a bevy of original Top 40-inspired songs. Today we have two exclusive tracks from the musical: "Paige's Rage" and... "Let's F*ck."

Here's what SLASHED! is all about:

SLASHED! The Musical tells the story of a handful of would-be camp counselors gearing up for the grand re-opening of Camp Freedom (better known to the locals as CAMP DOOM) where, just a decade earlier, Little Peetie Jergins fell into a bonfire while the counselors were too busy drinking, dancing, smoking and screwing to pay attention to his screams. Now Peetie’s unquiet spirit roams the woods, punishing those who engage in the behaviors that lead to his demise. And soon the lake will run red with the blood of his victims.

Set in 1983, SLASHED! The Musical, is a love-letter to the not only the summer-camp Slasher genre, but also to the time period. The seven original songs are an ode to 1980’s Top40 radio and the story uses and subverts genre clichés for comedic effect.

SLASHED! is directed by Chelsea Stardust, with Book, Music & Lyrics by Sean Keller. It was produced by Rudy Scalese and Clarke Wolfe, and choreographed by Rebekah McKendry.

Slashed! has its preview night on June 4th before kicking off in earnest beginning June 9th. You can purchase tickets right HERE.

Slashed the musical



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