Exclusive: Shannon Purser confirms Barb will not be in Stranger Things 2

Shannon Purser Barb Stranger Things Season 2 interview

The phenomenon that was Barb from Stranger Things is one you likely know about. A fairly minor player in the first few episodes of the Netflix series, the character became an instant sensation thanks to her look, her attitude and her abrupt disappearance from the series. Barb's hardcore fans latched onto the mystery of her fate, not willing to accept the idea that the character was a goner. #JusticeForBarb has become a thing, and as we move closer to Season Two of the show it's time for everyone to start accepting the reality that Barb sleeps with the fishes. Or Demogorgons, if you prefer. (Producer Shawn Levy recently made it clear as day.)

And yet fan theories- and wishful thinking - keep the Barb conversation going. In a show like Stranger Things, where anything seems possible, perhaps there's a chance Barb will return. Or at least make a cameo in one form or another.

No one was more surprised by the love shown Barb than the actress who portrayed her, Shannon Purser. Purser herself has gone on to other things; she can be seen in The CW's Riverdale, and this July she'll be headed back to high school in WISH UPON as the protagonist's (Joey King) best friend. I just had a chance to chat with Shannon about her upcoming film, but naturally we spoke about Barb a little. Shannon, thankfully, is not tired of the subject.

On looking back on the popularity of Stranger Things (which debuted in July of 2016):

It's like something from a dream, really. I think I'm almost in this state of shock now, where nothing really surprises me. I wanted to act for quite a while, and I think I always believed I would figure out a way to do it someday, but I definitely didn't think it would all happen so quickly or this fast. It's crazy, I've been working pretty much nonstop. It's been really wonderful."

On Barb becoming a fan favorite:

That was absolutely, completely unexpected. I think it was kind of written to be a throwaway character, and it was fascinating to see this massive response, this outrage, "What did you do to Barb, what happened to her?" It was really funny, and I'm still really blown away by it. I think it really helped me in a lot of ways in terms of my career. But I love Barb, and I had such a great time on Stranger Things. I definitely don't mind talking about it, it was an amazing experience for sure."

On if there is a chance Barb will make a cameo in Season 2:

No, unfortunately. I have been pretty much not involved in Season 2, so I'm going to be just as excited as everybody to see what they come up with."

There is no doubt the specter of Barb will hang over Season 2 - especially now that the Duffer Brothers and company know what a hit she was - but it doesn't appear she'll be miraculously returning to the town of Hawkins.

In the meantime, you can catch my full interview with Purser in a few weeks, leading up to the release of WISH UPON, which hits theaters on July 14th.

Extra Tidbit: So... there's still a chance we'll see Barb again, right?!



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