Exclusive: The American Scream clip!

With scary movie burnout and fatigue setting in during this Halloween home stretch, Michael (BEST WORST MOVIE) Stephenson's documentary THE AMERICAN SCREAM looks like a breath of fresh air. It focuses not on horror movies per se, but the similarly themed concept of haunted houses. Namely, the people who take their own amateur haunted houses to the next level.

Case in point-- the guy in this clip from the film plots the construction of a corn maze. Not from his own cornfield, mind you, this guy is going to be building one by transplanting another guy's corn stalks onto his patch of land. That's hardcore. And hey, what better labor to use than his small army of children? Seriously, if you would replace the subject of "haunted house construction" with "rock masonry" you would have an accurate depiction of my tween years. I better not hear these kids bitching about toting plastic skeletons around or whatever.

Check out the clip and synopsis below and look for THE AMERICAN SCREAM to hit Chiller October 28th (8 pm ET). Set your DVRs and if you have kids, put 'em to work on your own haunted house. Make 'em work scary for that Wii-U they won't shut up about.

The American Scream is a wonderfully charming feature length documentary that chronicles the lives of three Fairhaven, MA families who transform their homes into haunted houses for the members of their Halloween-loving neighborhood each year. Each family is very different and has a great story to tell, the main subject of the film Victor Bariteau has even gone on to make his life-long dream of owning his own professional haunted house a reality. He opened Ghoulie Manor this October and it has been a success.

Extra Tidbit: I want a documentary on how to really haunt a house. Like, with ghosts or tequila worm monsters (POLTERGEIST 2 reference FTW!).
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