Exclusive The Other Side of the Door interviews: Aja, Sisto, Callies & more

In the new horror thriller produced by Alexandre Aja, Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) takes on a vengeful spirit that once was her son. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR is a modern day ghost story, one that features a stong cast including the terrific Jeremy Sisto. Directed by Johannes Roberts, the film also has an intriging emotional aspect thanks to the tragedy that befalls this family living abroad.

Recently, we sat down with not only the film's stars, Callies and Sisto, but we also spoke with Roberts as well as Aja. During our conversation, Callies talked about the challenge of creating a believeable emotional character, as did Sisto. And the two actors certainly do justice to the film. In addition, the film's director and co-writer Roberts, discussed where the film came from. Aja also talked about his involvment in the latest haunted feature. If you are willing to look inside, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR opens this Friday at a theatre near you.


Source: AITH

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