Exclusive trailer: Criminals target the wrong family in Killers Within

Killers Within Paul Bushe Brian O'Neill

The Robert Rodriguez / Quentin Tarantino collaboration FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is one of my favorite movies, and one of the things I love about it is the fact that there's no indication it's going to turn out to be a vampire movie before the characters we've been following find themselves surrounded by vampires somewhere around the halfway point. Coming to us from the writing and directing duo of Paul Bushe and Brian O'Neill, KILLERS WITHIN seems to be pulling a similar trick, judging from the EXCLUSIVE trailer embedded below.

Most of the trailer sells KILLERS WITHIN as a crime thriller about a heist that involves home invasion. The synopsis keeps the horror secret: 

With her son being held captive by a criminal gang, police-officer Amanda Doyle, together with her ex-husband and three unlikely allies, takes part in a desperate plot to hold a wealthy banker and his family to ransom. But this is no ordinary family.

But toward the end, the trailer reveals: there are snake people in this movie, referred to as "reptilians". I'm guessing Bushe and O'Neill were inspired by the "reptilian elite" conspiracy theory that says the world is run by reptilian creatures. These criminals get on the bad side of a wealthy family, and the rich folk turn out to be reptiles in disguise. Sure, I can go along with this.

KILLERS WITHIN stars Sue Walsh, Jeff Doyle, Johnny Elliott, Andrew Murray, Sam Lucas Smith, Sinead O'Riordan, Saoirse Long, Patrick Murphy, Tom Naughten, and Cormac Melia.

The film was produced by Bushe, O'Neill, Sean Walsh, Roger Courtney, Lorcan Kavanagh, and Quintin Ahern.

Copies of KILLERS WITHIN can be purchased at THIS LINK.



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