Exclusive Trailer! Zombies and masked wrestlers collide in Voodoo Apocalypse

Munro Films is planning a November 9th Digital release for director Vasni J. Ramos' film VOODOO APOCALYPE, a tribute to the sort of films that played at grindhouse theatres in the '70s, and today we're sharing the EXCLUSIVE debut of the film's trailer!

The trailer is embedded above, and it's packed with action, cops, kung fu, black magic zombies, masked wrestlers, and more.

Vasni Ramos wrote the screenplay with Jose J. Ramallo and Sergio G. Ramos, crafting the following story: 

After disappearing for five years, detective Charlie Vargas returns to Los Angeles to avenge the death of his former partner. Along with White Chocolate, a young detective with a chip on his shoulder, the two enter a world of Black Magic, Zombies and Mexican Wrestling, in search of the infamous drug trafficker and murderer, Jimmy Vanilla.

Jose J. Ramallo and Sergio G. Ramos also star in the film, which was made in Spain.

VOODOO APOCALYPSE will be available to watch on the iTunes, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft digital platforms. (And there will be more platforms that have yet to be announced.) So check out the trailer and get ready for the November 9th release!

Voodoo Apocalypse

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