Exclusive Tremors 5: Bloodlines clip with Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy!

TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES is burrowing its way to us less than a month from now, and to help prepare you for those graboids and assblasters, we've got a brand new exclusive clip from the film to share!

The below clip reunites us with Michael Gross' Burt Gummer, who's just as salty as ever (check out the film's opening sequence for further proof), as well as gives us an intro to Jamie Kennedy's character, who it would appear is well-positioned to give Burt multiple pains in the ass throughout the film.

The film's plot:

The stakes are raised for survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) in his most dangerous monster hunt yet. When Gummer’s hired to capture a deadly Assblaster terrorizing South Africa, he and his new sidekick, Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy), find themselves in a battle to the death against the fiercely aggressive Assblasters and Graboids. Discovering that the monsters have evolved into even more lethal creatures, their mission takes on a whole new level of unseen terror -- far more than they bargained for.

TREMORS 5 hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 6th. Pre-order the bastard right  HERE.

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