Exorcism movie Holy Terror coming from the Samurai Cop 2 team

Holy Terror

In 2015, Gregory Hatanaka and Rich Mallery teamed up to bring the world SAMURAI COP 2: DEADLY VENGEANCE, a sequel to the "so bad it's good" cult classic DTV action movie SAMURAI COP. Now Hatanaka and Mallery are switching gears with the exorcism horror film HOLY TERROR, which is currently in post-production.

Several members of the SAMURAI COP 2 cast have returned for HOLY TERROR, which was written and directed by Mallery and executive produced by Hatanaka (who directed SAMURAI COP 2 from a script he co-wrote with Mallery and also served as cinematographer on HOLY TERROR).

Acknowledging that there are a lot of exorcism and possession movies out there right now, Mallery says HOLY TERROR has some tricks up its sleeves that will make the film stand out from the crowd and give the audience something they haven't seen before, while at the same time having a '70s / '80s feel reminiscent of films like THE CHANGELING, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, and THE EXORCIST.

Hatanaka references the AIP and New World films of yesteryear as a source of inspiration for HOLY TERROR, and says the film has an otherworldy, Twilight Zone kind of feel.

One thing's for sure, Mallery and Hatanaka know how to make all the right references.

HOLY TERROR tells the following story:

Believing the strange disturbances in their home are their deceased son reaching out from the other side, Molly and Tom ask a medium to make contact. But instead of their child, the three accidentally invite a vengeful demon to cross over. After the demon violently possesses Molly’s younger sister, the couple enlists the help of a disgraced priest and his mentor Sister Catherine to attempt a dangerous exorcism.

The cast includes Kristine DeBell, Mel Novak, Lisa London, Kelly Reiter, Jesse Hlubik, Nicole Olson, Scott Butler, and Vida Ghaffari.

The trailer for HOLY TERROR can be seen below, and if it looks like something you'd like to experience watch for the film to hit Amazon Prime in April.

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