Exorcist star gets Stranded for Fast and Furious writer

The Exorcist Hannah Kasulka

Having endured demonic possession on the Fox television series The Exorcist, actress Hannah Kasulka has now taken the lead role in an indie thriller that will find her struggling to survive while STRANDED (that's the title of the movie) in freezing temperatures.

Directed by Jordan Barker from a screenplay by Christopher Borrelli, STRANDED tells the story of 

a college freshmen devoted to her studies who joins a weekend snowboarding trip with friends. Freezing temperatures and car trouble puts the group in turmoil, testing relationships and igniting a witch hunt among them.

Kasulka is joined in the cast by Corbin Bleu and Craig Arnold.

The story for STRANDED was crafted by Chris Morgan, who has written every film in the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise since the third installment of that series, and was at one time set to produce (with THE MUMMY director Alex Kurtzman) the Dark Universe series of monster movies for Universal.

Produced by Barker and Borga Dorter through their company Gearshift Films, STRANDED is currently filming in Canada and is a benefactor of Canadian tax credits, with additional financing coming from Ontario Media Development Corporation and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.

I tend to enjoy movies about people turning against each other while trapped in a bad situation, so STRANDED is a project I will be keeping an eye on as it makes its way through production and starts looking for distribution.

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Source: TheWrap



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