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Everlasting Anthony Stabley

Working primarily in the art department, Anthony Stabley has racked up an impressive résumé over the last thirty years, earning credits on such films as TERMINATOR 2, STIGMATA, LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, RED SANDS, and CURSE OF CHUCKY. He has also gotten into directing his own projects as well, and his latest directorial effort is the crime thriller EVERLASTING, a movie we first heard about when it was making the festival rounds earlier this year.

Just in time for Halloween, Super Grande Films and Indie Rights have teamed up to bring EVERLASTING to a wider audience, giving it a streaming release through Amazon Video, where it is currently available to rent or purchase.

Starring Valentina de Angelis, Adam David, Elisabeth Röhm, Pat Healy, Bai Ling, Michael Massee, Cortney Palm, and Robert Lasardo, EVERLASTING centers on 

a high school student who travels from Colorado to Los Angeles to confront a serial killer responsible for the murder of his girlfriend. The film intertwines past memories, mixed media and stylish pictorials to tell its story.

If EVERLASTING sounds intriguing to you, and if you like the looks of the trailer, you can head over to Amazon and give it a watch. The film is expected to reach more platforms after Halloween.

Everlasting Anthony Stabley

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