Experience the troubling thriller Cruel Summer on VOD next week

Phillip Escott Craig Newman Cruel Summer

A year after being released on DVD and VOD in the UK, the disturbing thriller CRUEL SUMMER is finally getting a release in the US, courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing. I had the chance to watch the movie a couple years ago and was both troubled and impressed by it, giving it an 8/10 review - which was quoted on the cover of the UK DVD.

The directorial debut of Phillip Escott and Craig Newman, CRUEL SUMMER tells the story of 

Danny, an autistic teenager, who is bullied and tormented by a group of thugs after he ventures into the woods alone for a camping trip. Their rage against him is based on lies spread by a local girl, who claims Danny committed a crime against her that he had nothing to do with.      

Wild Eye will be giving CRUEL SUMMER a VOD release on February 27th. I strongly recommend seeking it out if you're looking for something that's both well made and devastating. It's a film that really deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Screen Anarchy got their hands on the trailer for the US release, and that can be seen below.

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