Eye popping viral footage from Mark Hartley's Patrick: Evil Awakens

Just yesterday we hit you guys with an exclusive clip from Mark Hartley's remake PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS featuring the one and only Sharni Vinson in which she interviews for a job at the psychiatric hospital. It would be in your best interest to take a quick peek at that clip if you missed it—see it HERE! With that out of the way, it's time to turn your attention towards this ridiculously cool "found footage" viral video that was released today featuring all sorts of eye popping carnage. Dig it below!

PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS will hit limited theaters and VOD platforms this Friday, March 14.

PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS, based on the classic Australian 1978 horror film Patrick, centers on a former killer who is now a comatose patient in a small psychiatric clinic. When a pretty young nurse begins working with him, she senses that Patrick is communicating with her, and he seems to be using his powers to manipulate events in her life.

Directed by Mark Hartley, PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS stars Richard E. Grant, Rachel Griffiths, and Sharni Vinson.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys fans of the original film? Will you be checking out the remake on Friday?



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