Eye See Death at Cannes! Starring John Fallon and Rurik Salle

Here's some sweet news in anticipation of the Cannes Film Festival: John "The Arrow" Fallon has lined up an action-horror flick to star in called EYE SEE DEATH, which will co-star Rurik Sallé. This one sounds like a certified blast, with elements of giallo, crime-thriller and buddy-cop action flick all in one.

The script was penned by Jason Hewlett (from a story by Fallon and Salle) and will feature fight choreography by Manu Lanzi (JCVD, Chinese Zodiac, Kiss of the Dragon, District 13, Unleashed). Now that's badass! 

Check out the synopsis: 

New York. One year, ten women brutally stabbed to death in their homes. This is the work of the serial killer the media have dubbed ‘The Uptown Slasher’, and it’s a case that has become an obsession for no-nonsense homicide cop Shane Carter (John Fallon). In France, the maverick Inspecteur Malterre (Rurik Sallé) has dedicated a good portion of his career in patrolling the most violent of suburbs, dealing with the toughest gangs and street thugs. When Carter takes down The Uptown Slasher in a decoy operation, they find out that the assassin is actually french.

In order to help the US unit on the case and to bring the madman back home for trial, the french Police sends Inspecteur Malterre over to New York. Alas, the Uptown Slasher eventually escapes his captors, and heads back to France with Carter and Malterre hot on his trail. But things are about to get worse. The psychopath has a secret; he can’t sleep and has been living under heavy medication for years. Without his pills, not only is he awake twenty-four hours a day, but his perception of reality gets heavily distorted, bringing forth horrific visions. During his evasion, his medication was lost and now The Uptown Slasher sees hell everywhere he looks and he won’t stop until he lets the apocalypse loose onto the world… Will the clock run out before justice is served?


EYE SEE DEATH will be a presence at Cannes Film Festival, so hopefully we'll hear more during the festival, which is just about to kick off.



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