F13 5's Deborah Voorhees is directing horror/comedy The List

Debi Sue Voorhees Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Thirty years after making a memorable appearance in FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING, so memorable that it even inspired a song, Deborah "Debi Sue" Voorhees is stepping behind the camera to direct a horror/comedy feature called THE LIST.

THE LIST is about 

a socialite with a knack for murder.

Molly Wickwire-Sante is set to star as the murderous Sally, a role she first played in Voorhees' short film CATCHING UP, which was written by playwright Tom Sime.

Voorhees is currently in pre-production on the film and offers fans the chance to get involved with the process through competitions where they can suggest kills and victims. There will also be a contest where fans can compete to play one of Sally's victims. To be eligible to participate in these competitions, you'll have to sign up for the Voorhees Films mailing list and join Voorhees Films on Facebook.

We'll let you know more about THE LIST as more information becomes available, but for now it's great to see Voorhees embracing her horror past and looking to make more contributions to the genre.

The website for THE LIST even features the tagline "Still afraid of Jason? You haven't met Sally."

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Source: Voorhees Films



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