Fangoria launches Frightfest: DVD, VOD & Digital Film exhibition sweepstakes!

Some big news out of Fangoria should have all us horror fans champing at the bit!

Looks like Fango is launching a new forum of film exhibition this summer called Fangoria Frightfest, in conjunction with Lightening Media, to bring about all kinds of new horror movies via DVD, VOD and Digital Download. This exclusive series will consist of eight new feature films, including PIG HUNT, FRAGILE, GRIMM LOVE, DARK HOUSE, HUNGER, ROAD KILL, THE HAUNTING and THE TOMB. Then us, the fans, get to vote on which film we think deserves a theatrical release. it's pretty rad, Fango is in effect putting the power back into the hands of the audience!

Pretty f*ckin cool, no? Let's learn more!

Via the new www.FangoriaFrightFest.com website, fans will be able to see Fango film trailers and other special features, and vote (from June 22 through July 19) on which one of the FANGORIA Frightfest movies will win a big-screen theatrical release in late July. Participants who vote at FangoriaFrightFest.com will also be automatically entered in a sweepstakes to win a free trip to Las Vegas and other special prizes.

The entire film series will also be previewed in a 30-minute special, 8 FANGORIA FRIGHTS (available free on Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon FIOS and other cable systems; check with your provider), hosted by CABIN FEVER star Cerina Vincent and featuring interviews with many of the eight films’ directors, clips and featurettes. 8 FANGORIA FRIGHTS will be available continuously beginning June 21 and can be found by accessing your On Demand menu.

FANGORIA will soon announce release plans for the films for DVD, VOD and digital download. So stay tuned!

All badass happenings from the Fango squad, wouldn't you say?

But that's not all! By heading THIS WAY you can learn about each of the 8 films in question, including stills and comments from corresponding filmmakers about participating in the first annual FANGORIA FRIGHTFEST.

Calista Flockhart starred in Jaume Balaguero's FRAGILE!

Extra Tidbit: How many of the 8 films in the Frightfest have you already seen?



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