Fangoria presents Preston Fassel's novel Our Lady of the Inferno this fall


Recently it was announced that Fangoria was being brought back to life via Cinestate and will be hitting shelves again renewed this Halloween. On top of the revamped magazine, Fangoria will also be putting out a series of original horror novels under their new Fangoria presents banner. 

The first book on the docket is Preston Fassel's OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO. And today we have your first look at the new cover for the novel along with its synopsis. You can pre-order a copy of the book on Amazon right now and then get ready for it to land on your doorstep September 11, 2018.

The book tells the tale of 

Ginny Kurva who at twenty-one, is already legendary on 42nd Street. To the pimp for whom she works, she's the perfect weapon-- a martial artist capable of taking down men twice her size. To the girls in her stable, she's mother, teacher, and protector. To the little sister she cares for, she's a hero. Yet Ginny's bravado and icy confidence hide a mind at the breaking point, her sanity slowly slipping away as both her addictions and the sins of her past catch up with her...

At thirty-seven, Nicolette Aster is the most respected woman at the Staten Island Landfill. Quiet and competent, she's admired by the secretaries and trusted by her supervisors. Yet those around her have no idea how Nicolette spends her nights-- when the hateful madness she keeps repressed by day finally emerges, and she turns the dump into a hunting ground to engage in a nightmarish blood sport...

In the Spring of 1983, neither Ginny nor Nicolette knows the other exists. By the time Summer rolls around, one of them will be dead.

Personally, I really dig the idea of Fangoria putting out original horror novels. I think it's about time there was an adult horror banner for novels that we can trust. And Fangoria seems like just the right branding to pull this off. After all, if there is one thing we've learned as horror fans over the years it's that in Fangoria we trust.

Check out the new cover art below and then mark your calendars as the book will be unleashed upon us September 11tth.

Extra Tidbit: Have you read Preston Fassel's Our Lady of the Inferno?
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