Fantasia Film Festival announces its Off-Frontières selection

Back in May, Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival announced the projects selected for its inaugural Frontières International Co-Production Market - the first international co-production market to connect North-American with Europe and Australasia, in an environment focused specifically on genre film production.

Now, due to the overwhelmingly positive response, the folks behind the festival reveal an Off-Frontières selection of film projects, highlighting a limited number of additional projects in a wider range of development stages and incorporating more projects from Quebec and Canada.

The Off-Frontières selection will consist of the following 10 projects:

CUT THROATS NINE (Canada) Director / Writer: Rodrigo Gudiño / Producer: Marco Pecota (Rue Morgue Cinema)
MEMENTO MORI (Canada) Director / Writer / Producer: Jovanka Vukovic / Writer / Producer: Jason Lapeyre (Osaka Sunset Pictures)
MYTHOSE (Quebec) Director / Writer: Albéric Aurtenèche / Producer: Simon Trottier (TCB Film)
N.O.I.R. (Quebec) Director / Writer: Yves Christian Fournier / Producer: Nicole Robert (Go Films)
NOON TOMORROW (USA) Director / Writer / Producer: Paul Hough (Paul Hough Entertainment)
PEDDLER’S GRAVE (USA) Director: Steven C. Miller / Writer: Ben Powell / Producer: Travis Stevens (Snowfort Pictures)
SUGAR CANDY BLUES (UK) Director: Simon Rumley / Writer / Producer: Rowan O’Neill (New Tension Films)
SWEET BLOOD (Quebec) Director / Writer: Elza Kephart / Writer / Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar / Producer: Christine Falco (Films Camera Oscura)
THE BEAT, SURRENDER! (Quebec) Director / Writer: Philippe Spurell
WAIT TILL HELEN COMES (Quebec) Writer / Producer: Victoria Sanchez (based on a novel by Mary Downing Hahn) (Just Believe Productions)

We're looking forward to seeing these projects come to fruition.

Extra Tidbit: The Fantasia International Film Festival will host its 16th edition from July 19 to August 7, 2012.



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